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  • Time: Mon - Sun, 10 AM To 9 PM
  • Staff: Komal
  • Price: Rs.1500
  • Duration: 60 Min

Without a doubt, an incredible back rub loosens up your entire body. It restores you, giving you recently discovered energy to go out and work better.

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female to male spa massage in pune

Do you undergo a stressful schedule? It would be best if you found solutions to deal with the stress. The best way of healing stress is undergoing a perfect body massage session. Secret Garden Spa is where you can find such a massage from our experts. We have professional massagers who are well-trained with different massaging techniques. You can customize your massage plan with us, and we ensure that you obtain the most satisfactory female to male spa massage in Pune

Why Should You Undergo Our Body Massage? 

At Secret Garden Spa, we ensure that our clients obtain the most relaxing body massage experience. Besides healing stress, our body massage service can provide many health benefits. Your mind and body will get rejuvenated with our professional massaging service. Find the health benefits of choosing our service. 

  • Healing Joint Pains: Muscle joint pains have become common things. Our professional female body massagers can give you relief from joint pains. 
  • Curing Fatigue: Mental and physical fatigue is the aftermath of stress. You can reduce stress quickly by undergoing our relaxing massaging sessions. 
  • Reducing Depression: Depression leads to mental imbalance, and a perfect body massage can help you heal depression. Visit us if you feel depressed of late. 
  • Improving Physical Energy: You can enhance physical energy through a relaxing body massage performed by our trained massagers. 

Types of Massage We Offer 

At Secret Spa Garden, we offer different types of body massage services. So if you seek a relaxing and enjoyable female to male spa massage in Pune, we are the most trusted place to ensure the most satisfactory service. 

  • Swedish Massage: Our female massage experts use techniques such as kneading, deep circular motions, flowing strokes to the heart's direction, and passive joint movement to cater a refreshing Swedish massage service. If you are a beginner in trying a professional body massage service, we recommend this massage technique. 
  • Hot Stone Massage: You should try hot stone massage if chronic muscle pain is your concern. The massage eases muscle tension and improves blood flow. At the same time, it can heal chronic pain and muscle fatigue. Since heated stones are used for this massage, it is called hot stone massage. 
  • Aromatherapy Massage: Are you suffering from depression? Your mood can change in a few hours with our aromatherapy massage. The fruity and sweet aroma of the essential oils brings happiness to your mind. On the other hand, professional body rubbing and massaging will make your body relaxed. 
  • Sports Massage: If you are an athlete, sports massage is the most suitable. Our female massage experts have years of expertise in sports massage. Our massage service will reduce the chance of injuries. Nevertheless, it reduces muscular tiredness. Try our professional service to recharge your body and mind for your favorite sport again. 

For a professional female to male spa massage in Pune, Secret Garden Spa is the most authentic place. We assure peace of mind and body through our top-class massaging service.