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  • Time: Mon - Sun, 10 AM To 9 PM
  • Staff: Komal
  • Price: Rs.1500
  • Duration: 60 Min


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massage center in camp

A session with the best massage center in camp Pune offers a premium level of satisfaction and relaxation. When you are going for a full body massage or facial massage, or manicure, you will feel relaxed and energized after coming out. 

However, to get exclusive services, you have to select a massage center or parlour in your locality that offers premium quality services. Getting hold of a reputed and high-class massage center in an unknown locality might be difficult. So, in this post, we will help you select the best massage center in camp Pune. 

Features you should look for in a good massage center in camp Pune 

  • Types of services offered 

Even if a massage center is famous, it does not mean that it will provide the services you're looking for. 

However, most massage parlours offer a wide range of massage therapies and services. You can visit their official website to get an idea about the prices, or you can call them ahead to book an appointment. 

Some massage centers also offer parlour services. The various massages include body wraps, manicures, pedicures, therapeutic massage, and facial treatment. Some high-class massage centers also offer hydrotherapy, sauna, yoga sessions, meditation, etc. 

  • Types of massage 

There are over 20 different types of massages with different techniques. Each massage has a different relaxation effect and affects different body parts. For example, a Swedish Massage is different from a shiatsu massage. 

Some famous massages include hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, chair massage, and trigger point massage. Some massage centers also offer neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and Thai massage. 

The type of massage you are looking up depends on your requirements and needs. So before going to the massage center, go through their brochure or website and get an idea about the type of massages they offer. 

  • Hygiene of the massage center 

If body massage is done in unhygienic and dirty conditions, it can spread bacteria and germs, leading to infection. Towels, body wraps, saunas, and pedicures are the vectors for pathogens. Therefore, you can visit the spa before taking an appointment. You can ask the receptionist about their safety and sanitary procedures. Take a tour of the facility and check the massage center’s various facilities. 

During the visit, keep an eye on the sanitation procedure and the staff's behavior. A good massage center will always have fresh towels; clean and fresh bathrobes will be available for all clients. 

If you find any issues, you may visit another massage center. 

  • Qualification of the practitioners 

The popularity of a massage center mainly depends on the qualification and the experience of the therapists and other professions. You can research their credentials and the number of years they have been working on the internet. You can check out their official website before making an appointment. 


The main task of a massage center is to make the client feel relaxed and pampered. However, this will only be possible if you choose the correct massage center. You can visit Garden Spa for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Hope that these tips will help you find the best massage center in camp Pune.